Squaring the circle


Sooner or later all of us, and especially us women, might find ourselves in a humdrum, dead end, or catch 22 which prevent us to reach our highest potential or have greater impact on results that matter. 
Truth is often we are not performing at our best only because we are trapped in a way of thinking about ourselves that restricts our ability to express our maximum potential. 
Squaring the circle might be closer at hand than we believe, and this is when coaching comes into play… and support. 
Coaching is the relationship built between the coach and the coachee aimed at shifting the way we see and act in our personal and/or professional life, transforming our own view, discovering new behavioral patterns, and ultimately bringing a new level of possibilities and outcomes in our life.
Like all relationships, coaching thrives if trust is built between the coach and the coachee to create a safe place to reflect on and challenge, and to find the right energy to move forward. This trust allows individuals to deeply explore the three  facets that express who we are – body, emotions and language.
This trust can only come from a coach who is able to listen without judgment,  create a comfortable connection, act as a mirror of who we are, be a reliable soundboard, bring energy and positive vibes, and inspire confidence
Squaring the circle is an easy way to express what you can expect from coaching: what might appear impossible is actually closer at hand. On top, it perfectly represents the sentiment that we, women, need to face on a daily basis: a professional world guided by dynamics and logic that is  mostly strict and square, and our own self  being circled  by our beliefs, authenticity, and aspirations.
Embracing coaching will help with squaring the circle and restore joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in our personal and professional lives.
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