Born in the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, after having spent more than 20 years as a senior marketing and commercial executive in Italy’s dynamic corporate hub, in 2015 I left my job and moved to Chicago, USA to fulfil a new life experience: follow  my husband’s job transfer to the headquarters of an American top 500 company and live in a new culture, new city, new country. This was my ah ha moment, my Squaring the circle moment.
During my twenty plus years professional career as a marketing executive in global corporations, I worked in fairly complex and flexible environments, dealing with different team dynamics. I also experienced firsthand what it means to feel stuck in a professionally unsatisfactory situation, which drains energy and does not restore a sense of fulfillment. Those situations impacted my private life too, which triggered a general sense of dissatisfaction. If only I could have had someone to relate to, offering a different perspective, challenging my own interpretation of facts and forcing me to look for my real strengths. This would have been  a more efficient way to unleash my potential!
I also discovered the tasks I enjoyed most were the ones involving people and talent development. I have a genuine passion for interacting with people, and a skillset that allows me to coach and mentor.  What if I turned my passion into a professional career? What if I used my experience to support other women in living a more fulfilling personal and professional life?
I decided to train as a professional coach at the Newfield Network, a program credited by the International Coaching Federation – of which I am a proud member, and started coaching clients both in Italy and USA. I specialize in coaching for women, guiding them to sustainable change.
My approach is very simple and pragmatic. I build the necessary trust which is at the base of a successful coaching relationship: I listen carefully, and empathize – yes, most of the times I can say…been there and lived through it myself. I act as a sounding board with no judgment but instead encourage freedom to speak, creating an open dialogue and  a safe environment to open up. I focus on the fundamental aspects each person owns – language, body and emotions, I help shift the way people think and how they see themselves, by exploring new directions and trying different behaviors, ultimately leading to breakthrough results. During the whole process I remain the accountability partner, bring energy and positive vibes, and feel really fulfilled when I see clients unpack the trap of self-distortion and begin moving forward in their authentic direction.
Squaring the circle might not be easy: becoming a professional coach has been a major step in the right direction for me. Coaching is more than a job: I can focus on my real purpose in life, building meaningful relationships.

Let me help you with Squaring the circle: contact me and get started with a 30-minute free coaching session.