How many great things we could attempt to do, If we knew we could not fail?

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How many great things  we could attempt to do, If we knew we could not fail?

Reading this question a few days ago I started thinking and reflecting on my own life.

Asking myself this question I realize how many opportunities I lost only because I was scared. The need to protect ourselves  is always very strong, to keep us safe , avoiding to put ourselves into uncomfortable situations is real. But the truth is that in doing always this, we keep ourselves safe, for sure, but we also  stop our evolution as human being , we stop writing the story of our lives and all the chapters become less interesting if not all the same and monotonous.

Fear of failure is an underling factor of perfectionism. Perfectionists’ fears are often irrational . Creating a series of disaster scenarios around each initiative can be paralyzing. Instead, asking questions and then challenging one’s assumptions can bring fears into perspective : “ What ‘s at stake if I fail? ”What’s the worst thing that can happen ?” “ Is that really likely to happen ?”

This process of continuous assumptions checking enables individuals and leaders to challenge their fears directly and create new, rational approaches to thinking about new initiatives.

There is another milestone,  in my opinion, in overcoming the fear of failure and the feeling of being stuck that it produces. “ Failure is rarely absolute”. There is a way back from almost anything, and once you acknowledge that , you can proceed with more confidence.

Then if the failure occurs, we have to learn from it , and ask ourselves “in this failure , what went right?” Learn to learn form our mistake is key . Strong individuals and leaders are shaped by their failures just as much as their successes.

Net Net , failure is part of life , if you don’t fail you don’t live …… Hope it helps squaring the circle of your life …

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